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Shokoufeh Sakhi, eine iranische Dissidentin und ehemalige politische Gefangene, kritisert im linken Onlinemagazin Z-Net das donnernde Schweigen der Antiimperialisten zum Freiheitskampf der Iraner. Sakhi begreift sich selbst als Linksaktivistin und vergleicht die Einstellung vieler Genossen zu Iran mit den Illusionen, die sie und ihre Mitstreiter einst hinsichtlich der Sowjetunion hatten:

The Iranian left, even those who considered the USSR state capitalist and dubbed it ‘social-imperialist’, still could not believe such atrocities against humanity occurred in such a ‘pro-working class’ state. Enforcing substantial justice and equality just could not go hand in hand with oppression and the reign of fear and darkness. Like many today, our logic was decisively based on observation of who was benefiting from this undermining of socialism in general and the USSR in particular: American led western imperialism. It is understandable, I think, that we, the young and old leftists of Iran – in a place and time of dictatorship, censorship of books, information, knowledge and critical thought of any kind– might well exhibit such historical ignorance. There were some material conditions for our subjective stupidity. The same cannot be said for today’s ‘intellectuals’. Apparently, many have failed to notice that the old anti-imperialism and anti-Americanism [For a more patient argument you can consult Bahare Farda’s article], the simple, bipolar world of colonies and colonizers, the world of Avatar, has expired. (…) Read the rest of this entry »